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If Terrence Malick and the Dalai Lama ever got together to make a surf film, this would be it. A T.S. Eliot poem creates the debarkation point for this documentary about water and the ocean, as told by some of the world’s most legendary pioneer surfers. The emphasis of the film’s cinematography and interviews is to find the still place where true presence and peace can be achieved. Often, when surfers are riding a wave, they reach this state naturally and discover a place of connection not only with their inner life, but with all of life around them. What are the ramifications of this? And how can people reach this state more often in their daily lives, even when not surfing? THE STILL POINT is a unique new film from Canada, interesting to surfers and to all those who strive for a deeper connection to their lives and the world around them.” – Russ Spencer – The Santa Barbara Intependent




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“The Still Point is a wonderful movie. This was the world premier with the director, Taki bibelas present. The Still Point is a film honoring the poetry of T.S. Eliot and and being a part of the ocean tribe. It is not a normal ‘surf movie’ In fact there is not the  stunning footage of the ocean surfers as in A Deeper Shade of Blue, another excellent surf movie that premiered at the SBIFF.  But The Still Point is all about the insights and philosophies, even the spirituality of becoming one with the waves.

The surfers themselves  remarked on how much they appreciated being asked about why they surf and what it really means to them. They were very intrigued about a surfing movie not showing much surfing. The director, Taki Bibelas  wanted to know what is it about the waves and the ocean that addicts people and makes people so profoundly happy. He is interested in surfers emotional connection to the water.  The Still Point is all about the directors personal journey as well as other legendary other pioneer surfers. He films them casually in their homes and they talk about their feelings.

They discuss the idea of everything being in the nothing. Being on a wave allows one to be in the moment, not thinking is where everything really is. Being empty is being full when you are connected to the infinite universe; is being one with the power of the water.

The energy of the spiral wave and surfing  through the barrel transforms people because of the electrical current in the water. Surfing is the highest spiritual calling, truly an enlightening experience. The Hawaiians always thank the ocean before and after entering the water.

This movie really hit me in the heart because my heart is so connected to the ocean. I was born in southern California near the beach. Then after living 20 years in the high desert of New Mexico, I felt like I could die without the ocean. I missed the ocean like the biggest love of my life. At a young age I had been touched profoundly by this life and death reality of being in the power of the waves. So I too am profoundly thankful to return to the ocean and be a part of the ocean tribe!” - Reviewed by Linda Sweatt at the Metro Theater part of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.