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Download or Rent

Here you can download to own or rent the film now.  Please note that only The DVD has the special bonus interviews and subtitles.
  • Download Film to own 6.99€.

Download – Please remember that this film is an independent non-corporate production and by purchasing you are helping us fund this and other ocean film projects. We have not added DRM to the file for your connivence, but hope that you will use it for yourself and encourage your friends to visit Dancing On Waves to also participate. The “zipped” file  you will download containing the .mp4 file can be opened on both Mac and Windows computers. If you want to put it on your iPad there are two ways. Either put the mp4 file in iTunes, add it to the movies in pad and it will transcode and be copied over. But the easiest way to watch movies that you don’t buy on itunes, on your ipad, is to install an app called  AVPlayer and just transfer your movies using a web browser and wifi. It is very handy for watching any movie you have in any format, on your ipad, without waiting for the transcode that itunes does.

  • Rent Film to watch online once 2.99€

Rent – The film will stream, however the bonus  interviews and subtitles are only available on the DVD. You will have 48 hours to watch the film one time once you receive the link. In rare occasions, and only in some countries, the film may start slowly, just wait a little as the film is loaded and it will begin and play normally.